Gravity Longboards Reviews

For many years, I’ve seen and read Gravity Longboards reviews singing different praises and good feedback about Gravity. Established around the mid 90s, Gravity has been a legendary and one of the oldest manufacturers of longboards in the market. Many Gravity Longboards reviews have claimed this and that about the company and I think it’s fair enough – for I have never seen longboards with such quality as Gravity. Although in all honesty, as a cruiser for 3 years now, I do expand my options to other brands and therefore, I have other boards from other companies as well. However, functionality and sturdiness wise, Gravity boards are always on the top of my list Summit Board.

As I began getting more interested with skateboarding, I came to the conclusion that not all boards actually run the same even if they look alike and shapes alike. Somehow, they don’t really feel alike, if you know what I’m saying. My first Gravity longboard is a Hypercarve given by my older sister and I have to say, the quality blew me away. Before I receive my Hypercarve, I already have a few months of knowledge and training about skateboarding and possess at least 5 skateboards from other brands. Frankly, I would not say Hypercarve was the best board I had – maybe just a lot better than 2 of my top boards- but it was instantly in my favorite list just one day after I’ve ridden it.

About 3 months later, Gravity Longboards reviews and forum began raging about the latest Kalai Drop Carve. I was perplexed of how people around American got crazy over the Kalai drop so out of curiosity I decided I’d like to get one too! I purchased it online and around a week of riding, Kalai was instantly my top favorite.

The batches of the newest Gravity boards produced were also not something you could miss and not regret it, particularly if you’re a fan of downhill and sliding. Gravity Longboards reviews have claimed 2 things of why Gravity has remained as one of the most reputable longboard brands in the industry – Downhill and Sliding. For many American longboards, this is no longer an unknown fact. Gravity is a famous producer of the best downhill and sliding boards. However, there are another 2 things that I like about Gravity – speed and sturdiness. My first Hypercarve has not been used for ages, but every time I use it, it still runs like the first time. Unlike many cheap boards, most Gravity boards are designed to match a speed of 40mph and more, which is why they are my absolute favorite.

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