Yeast Free Bread and Green Garlic for Your Candida Menu

A friend who is putting her effort into the candida menu she can afford has just come from the health food store again, when she wrote me this letter. She said that she got some fresh fish and broccoli for dinner. She saw in the books she read that you can eat corn chips made without oil. She doesn’t believe it, though, and the closest she could find are tortilla chips made from organic yellow corn, no hydrogenated oil, but it has safflower oil in it. She wonders if those are OK read this.

She finally found the yeast-free bread, too, after a long search. She had 2 employees helping her find stuff! She got the bread, but they said to her there is no such thing as mayo or salad dressing without vinegar, so she will have to make that herself.

You can try searching the “Green Garlic” salad dressing by Annie’s Naturals that was mentioned a while back. It appears to not contain vinegar or sugar, which may be the reason for you to have it in your kitchen cupboard if you hate to make it yourself. As far as mayo, I haven’t found a prepackaged one that doesn’t contain vinegar or sugar either. So, I make mine from scratch, but it is not as good as commercial mayo.

I have also heard to make sure that the yeast free bread doesn’t say “sourdough”. All sourdough breads have been left to ferment, so these may aggravate a candida problem. French Meadow makes yeast-free rice bread, but it has wheat in it. So, if you have a problem with wheat, then that is not an option. I go to the natural foods store and grab all of the loaves of the rice bread and then freeze them. I don’t like the bread any way other than toasted. I grew up on white bread, so I can’t seem to get past that thick and dry bread. But, the toasted one works for me.

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